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A Message from the Superintendent
2020 Colorado State Legislative Session Starts this Month:

The 2020 Colorado state legislative session begins this month. Senators and representatives will gather from now through May conduct the state’s business. Education funding will be a significant part of the lawmakers’ agenda. There are two items of which I would like the Moffat County School District community to be aware. I encourage everyone to actively follow the progress of these proposals as they could have a significant impact on funding for our students.

First, an interim committee has spent the past three years looking at revamping the school funding formula known as the School Finance Act (SFA.) This formula determines the amount of money per pupil we receive to serve our students. There is a consensus among lawmakers that Colorado’s SFA needs to be reworked and that at twenty-five years old, it does not meet the needs of today’s students. Under the current SFA, most legislators acknowledge that some districts are at a greater advantage than other communities. The committee, led by Representative Julie McCluskie and Representative Paul Lundeen have released a draft of the bill. Key concepts of the legislation include: a new funding formula that would go into effect beginning 2021-22, expanded definition of “at risk students” to include those eligible for reduced-price lunch (not just free lunch,) special education funding would have substantial changes, and near elimination of the cost of living factor.

Second, we anticipate introduction of a bill to set state funding as if all districts were charging property owners the same tax rate. The purpose of the bill is to address the imbalance of school and state contributions to K-12 funding, and the differences in those contributions across districts. Under the current system, residents in the state’s poorest school districts end up paying higher property-tax rates than property-rich school districts nearby. Meanwhile, those wealthier districts receive a disproportionate share of state aid to make up for the lack of education funding collected from local property taxes. Because Moffat County has a lower tax rate than the proposed target, voters would have to approve local tax increases to make up the difference. Generating more money from local taxes would free up state money that could then increase the state of Colorado’s overall investment in education, including increased funding for MCSD.

In this early stage, the impact of these two pieces of legislation for Moffat County Schools is difficult to determine. I encourage readers to pay close attention to the progress of the lawmakers’ session and engage with your local elected officials. Your Colorado State Representative is Mr. Perry Will. He can be reached at 200 East Colfax Room 307, Denver, CO 80203 or 303-866-2949. Your Colorado State Senator is Mr. Bob Rankin. He can be reached at 200 East Colfax Room 346, Denver, CO 80203 or 303-866-5292.

Sources referenced for this article include:
Colorado Association of School Executives BriefCASE Newsletter, December 18, 2019
The Colorado Sun, The Denver teacher strike is over. Now lawmakers are trying to solve Colorado’s chronic education funding problem.
Notice Of Appointment To The Board Of Education
The Board of Education of the Moffat County RE-1 School District is accepting applications from persons interested in serving on the Board of Education from the date of appointment in February 2020 until the next regular biennial school year election in November 2021.

To be eligible for appointment, each candidate must:
Be a registered elector of the school district for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of appointment.
Have never been convicted of a sexual offense against a child.
Not be a Moffat County School District employee.

Any person who meets the qualifications and who desires to be considered for the appointment is invited to file a written notice of intention to the office of the Superintendent of Schools by January 17, 2020 at 600 Texas Ave., Craig, CO. Following receipt of written notice of intent, qualified candidates will receive a list of questions. The Board will interview prospective candidates on January 23, 2020 during a public meeting. For further information, contact Renee Campbell at (970) 826-6261.

DISTRICT A Boundaries
Beginning at the intersection of the centerline of U. S. Highway 40 and the centerline of
Moffat County Road 7;
Thence northerly along the centerline of Moffat County Road 7 to the centerline of Maple St.;
Thence easterly along the centerline of Maple St. to the centerline of Sequoia Ave.;
Thence northerly and westerly along the centerline of Sequoia Ave. to the end of Sequoia Ave.;
Thence due west to the centerline of Moffat County Road 7;
Thence northerly along the centerline of Moffat County Road 7 to the centerline of Moffat County Road 183;
Thence Northerly and Easterly along the centerline of Moffat County Road 183 to the centerline of Co. Hwy. 13;
Thence northerly along the centerline of Co. Hwy. 13 to the northern Moffat County line;
Thence westerly and southerly along the Moffat County line to the centerline of U. S. Hwy. 40;
Thence easterly along the centerline of U. S. Hwy. 40 to the Point of Beginning.

Our Mission and Belief Statements
Our Mission Statement

MCSD will educate and inspire students to thrive in an environment of change.

Our Belief Statements

We believe.......
* All students can learn.
* In providing multiple paths for students to demonstrate success.
* Collaboration among all stakeholders fosters innovation.
* Students, staff, families and community, all play vital roles in the success and growth of MCSD.
* In addressing the mental, physical and social well-being of children.
* In educating children in a way that aligns with their learning strengths and passions.
* Everyone deserves a healthy and safe environment.
* All students deserve opportunities to participate in programs and activities.