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Superintendent's Message

Important Message Please Read.


Dear Parents of Moffat County School District Students,

Earlier this week, as part of the agenda for the Moffat County School District Board of Education Winter Retreat, I presented a 2018-19 budget preview. During this meeting, I notified the Board of Education of the district’s intention to close the swimming pool at Moffat County High School beginning in August. The MCHS girls swim team season concludes this week. The MCHS boys swim team will begin later this month and complete the 2018 season. The late spring partnership with the community’s summer swim team will be honored as well.

As many in the community are aware, the history of the pool is a long list of analyses and temporary fixes. As of this winter, here are the facts:

• The pool is losing 350-450 gallons of heated, chemically treated water per day. This is over 10,000 gallons/month. According to the United States Geological Survey, this is the rough equivalent of the average water use of a four-person household per month.

• We do not know where the water is going.

• In 2010, then superintendent, Joe Petrone, led a MCSD Swim Pool Task Force to consider solutions and options for the pool. At the March 2011 Board of Education meeting, the task force concluded “it is time to develop a long-term plan for pool operation, which dispels annual questions regarding its [the pool] longevity.” After an extensive search, there is no evidence of the creation of a follow up plan. No “reasonable projection forward regarding the continuation of pool-associated programs” was developed or subsequently implemented.

• In May 2015, KL&A, a structural engineering firm, performed an assessment of the school. At that time, they recommended the swimming pool be removed or restructured to accommodate expansive soil. Furthermore, KL&A indicated that intentionally allowing water to flow under the building could eventually result in some type of structural damage.

• According to the 2016 BEST Assessment conducted through the Colorado Department of Education, the pool is past its lifespan and should be replaced immediately.

• According to the same 2016 BEST Assessment, the estimated cost of replacing the pool is $1.1 million.

The Board of Education understands this will be an emotional issue in our community. However, given the facts as presented, the time has come to close the pool. I recognize that many among our community have dedicated significant time and energy to serving our students in that space. I also agree with the conclusion of the task force in 2011. Our school and community deserve a “reasonable projection forward regarding the continuation of pool-associated programs.”

I have spoken briefly with City of Craig Mayor, John Ponikvar, and City Manager, Mike Foreman. I have learned the City of Craig Parks and Recreation Department is in the initial stages of long term planning for improving and expanding recreational opportunities for our citizens. I have committed to engaging with the city and ensured both Mayor Ponikvar and Mr. Foreman that the district is dedicated to finding a sustainable, positive way forward.

Thank you, 

David Ulrich, Ed.D.



Our Mission: MCSD will educate and inspire students to thrive in an environment of change.

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