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Contact Information:
Transportation Office:
(970) 824-5511 OR
(970) 439-8184

Director of Transportation:
Lonnie Douglass
(931) 626-7687,
(970) 326-5613,
(970) 326-4604

Secretary: Shannon Mose
(970) 826-6647,
(970) 824-5511

Mechanics: Jim Cox: (719) 250-2685, Kyle Bechhold: (970) 526-1454

Transportation Department

over 2 years ago

By Lonnie Douglass

Transportation Department


Perhaps in no other phase of education operations does a school district accept more responsibility for student life and welfare than during the mass movement of children in school transportation vehicles.  

Therefore, it is essential not only to provide adequate equipment but also to strive constantly to improve operational safety and efficiency. A successful pupil transportation system depends on students, parents and school district staff working together.  As we strive to meet the objectives of safe transportation, parents can help us by reviewing these eight simple safety tips with their children.

1.  Wear clothes appropriate for winter weather conditions.

2.  Be at bus stop at least 5 minutes early.

3.  Wait until you hear the air brake noise before trying to board.

4.  If crossing in front of bus, wait for signal from driver.

5.  Obey the bus driver and know the rules for riding the bus.

6.  When boarding the bus, go to your seat and sit down.

7.  Be aware of the danger zones around the bus.

8.  Treat everyone like you would like to be treated.  

Our Mission
School bus transportation is a cooperative effort involving transportation staff, schools, parents, students, and the community. The mission of the transportation department is to provide safe, efficient, and enjoyable access to learning in a manner that contributes in a positive way to the overall academic success of the students of this district.
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