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Appraisal Information

In June of 2018, the school district first engaged an appraiser for the Yampa Administration Building. Bob Stevens, from Stevens Real Estate Services in Grand Junction, first presented to the Board in August of 2018. He recommended a phased approach for the appraisal. The first phase being a marketability analysis, which determines whether or not there is a real, effective demand for the property. Effective demand is defined as the level of demand that represents a real intention to purchase by people with the means to pay. The second phase would be the more traditional appraisal. Mr. Stevens completed the first phase to determine marketability in November of 2018. His recommendation to the Board was to not complete the second phase. "There is... very little effective demand" (emphasis added), he said, "I would strongly recommend against paying me to go ahead and do a full appraisal". The Board did not re-engage Mr. Stevens to complete the second phase.

Board Meeting Minutes:

June 28, 2018 Minutes

August 30, 2018 Minutes

November 29, 2018 Minutes

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