Meet Dr. Mathew Neal
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Dr. Mathew Neal has accepted and signed a contract to be the district's next superintendent. Meet Dr. Neal!

Dr. Mathew Neal is a seasoned school administrator and a northern Colorado native, teaching and leading in public and private schools for more than twenty-five years. His background includes Superintendent roles in both national and international school settings. Recognized as a proactive advocate for rural schools throughout Colorado, Dr. Neal has been appointed by the State of Colorado Board of Education to spearhead school reform and turnaround initiatives on a statewide level.

Successfully opening eleven new schools, Dr. Neal has worked to create schools that meet the needs of many student backgrounds, working with families, teachers, and leaders to provide high quality learning environments. With over a decade of experience as a school Superintendent, he has showcased his leadership experience in various districts, including large-district roles such as Director of Strategy and Innovation for the 88,000-student Denver Public Schools, as well as Superintendent positions in rural districts and six-years leading international schools in the Middle East.

Dr. Neal's impact extends beyond administrative roles, as his innovative strategies and programs have been adopted by schools regionally and internationally. His focus areas include data-led instructional practices, positive behavior student norms, ELL Instructional Practices, staff evaluation and compensation structures, culturally connected teaming, and overall district management policies. Dr. Neal is known for his collaborative approach, emphasizing accountability and communication. He has a knack for creating new branding and identity strategies for entire districts he serves.

Dr. Neal earned his Doctorate in Education from the Rossier College of Education at the University of Southern California, a program ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report. Prior to his doctoral studies, he obtained executive certificates from Harvard University and completed an MBA from the College of Business at Colorado State University, combining business acumen with a deep understanding of education.

A Colorado native, Dr. Neal grew up within the ranching community in Northern Colorado, with a history supporting 4-H, FFA and local businesses throughout his home community. The oldest son of four siblings, Dr. Neal has been supported in his career for the past twenty-six years by his wife (also an educator) and his two children. In his leisure time, Dr. Neal enjoys hiking, skiing, and mountain biking throughout Colorado.

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