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Colorado State Standards

Co Assessment/Parent Information

Co Assessment District Results

The Colorado State Assessment System is designed to measure Colorado student’s mastery of the Colorado’s academic content standards. In December of 2009 Colorado adopted revised academic content standards progressing from early school readiness to postsecondary competencies reflective of both workforce readiness and 21st century skills.

In 2012 Colorado implemented the Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) to reflect changes in the state adopted academic content standards and to provide information to teachers as they began incorporating the revised content standards in their daily instruction. In 2012 Colorado became a governing member of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) consortia which is currently developing new assessments in English language arts and mathematics for grades 3-8 and high school. The PARCC assessments are scheduled for implementation in 2014-15.

New general and alternate assessments for science and social studies were field tested in 2013 and are scheduled for implementation in 2014.

The attainment of English proficiency by English Language Learner’s (ELL) is measured annually by an English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessment. In the 2012-13 school year Colorado implemented the ACCESS for ELLs ® ELP assessment developed by the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) consortium.

The College readiness assessment is designed to measure students' preparedness for postsecondary educational opportunities and is administered to 11th grade students in April and May. Because the CO ACT is equivalent to all other ACT assessments the results can be submitted for college entrance by the student to their college or university of choice.

District Assessment Data:

All district and school data can be found at:


District Accreditation:
Colorado state law requires all school districts to be accredited by the Colorado Department of Education. Each school district is also required to accredit all of its schools. The accreditation is based on an annual, comprehensive evaluation of evidence of compliance with accreditation indicators, which included an evaluation of the districts goals for improvement, academic growth of students, school safety, use of technology, attendance and dropout rates and school finance.

District School Improvement Plan
Moffat County School District continues to make progress toward meeting its school improvement goals. Below is an overview of our school district action plan for increasing student achievement and maintaining a safe, quality learning environment.


NWEA MAPS - Measures of Academic Progress: Also utilized is NWEA's MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment.  There are several advantages of the MAP assessment as compared to the state assessments.  The first is the fact that MAPS is criterion-referenced,meaning that it measures the degree to which individual students have mastered specific skills and content knowledge.  A second advantage is that the results are immediately available to the teachers and,therefore, can be utilized in a more timely manner than the CSAPresults.  Finally, the MAPS system allows both pre- and post-testing within the same year, as well as mid-year testing for any or all students.  This flexibility allows schools and individual teachers to assess students or groups of students as the need arises rather than when the testing schedule dictates.

Content Area Common Assessments:

Common Assessments have been created for all core subject areas at most grade levels.  These assessments are based upon the specific content being taught in each class rather than the more generalized state or national contents.  The results are provided to teachers on a trimester or quarterly basis, allowing teachers to adjust their curriculum based on the current achievement levels of the students.

Moffat County High School Testing:

In addition to the previously mentioned tests, our high school students also take a variety of postsecondary preparation and placement tests.  These include:

  • PLAN - for sophomores in the fall

  • PSAT - for required for sophomores in the spring semester

  • ACT & SAT - college entrance tests 

School Accountability:

Moffat County School District is continuously working to improve the quality of education delivered in our schools.  Our achievement results and goal progress are reported to the community every year in a variety of methods. The local standards for learning are set within the district adopted curriculum and graduation requirements.  

Moffat County School District is committed to the mastery of core academic knowledge, as well as the social, emotional and physical development of all students.  We are proud of our fine arts, physical education and health instruction.  Extracurricular activities also add a tremendous value, providing an arena for the development of cooperation, teamwork, self-discipline and leadership, which are key attributes needed to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

Moffat County School District has aligned its curriculum with state standards.   We have further refined our instructional focus by developing and following a district scope and sequence in all core areas in grades K-12 aligned to the state standards.   From this scope and sequence, learning targets are developed to focus on what students learn.  Students are assessed to ensure proficiency of the Colorado Academic Standards.  The results of these assessments are used to inform instruction, create student groups, differentiate to meet student needs and to monitor student progress overall. Each school has developed interventions and specific instruction to help students when they are not proficient in the grade level expectations.

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