Moffat County Enrichment announcement

Thank you for your interest and past participation in Moffat County Enrichment (formerly referred to as Shared School). It has been wonderful getting to know you and work with your incredible children. Unfortunately, this year, due to declining numbers of children enrolled in the program, Moffat County School District will not be operating an enrichment program for children who are homeschooled this school year. We are sad not to get to spend time with your great kids at this time, but we are confident your dedicated parenting and personalized education will serve your children well in our absence. Please contact MCSD homeschool liaison Bre Ford at any questions, as well as for all ongoing required documentation exchange and support. An important reminder: Children enrolled in homeschool who live in the district are eligible for any and all district-sponsored activities and athletics, and are encouraged to take part if desired. Information about district activities can be found at under the K-12 Activities tab.

Enrichment Program

MC Enrichment Program is a collective gathering of homeschoolers, grades K-12. We offer enrichment classes such as, Art, English, Music, and many more!