Elementary Literacy Resources

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Elementary Literacy Resource Site

This is where you will find resources and documents for literacy instruction K-5.


District Committees

Incentive Committee (Policy GCI)

-Moffat County High School representative Chari Gomez

-Craig Middle School representative Brenda Tucker

-Elementary representative Jenn Willems (Sandrock)

-Elementary Representative Paula Duzik (Ridgeview/Maybell)

District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council (1338 Council, Policy BDFA)

-Board of Education representative: Heather Cannon

-Teacher: Cassia McDiffitt

-Teacher: Julie Sperl

Extended Illness Leave Committee (Policy GDCA)

-Building administrator: Stephanie Davis (ECC)

-Teacher: Misty Jones (Sunset)

-Teacher: Ali LeWarne (Sunset)

-Classified employee: Donna Gill