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Board Member Contact Information

10 months ago

Dr. Jo Ann Baxter - President

District D

Contact Information:

(970) 824-3049 or (970) 629-8701

Mrs. JoBeth Tupa - Vice President

District C

Contact Information:

(970) 209-6642

Dr. Elise Sullivan - Secretary

District B

Contact Information:

(970) 826-2449

Mr. Chip McIntyre - Treasurer 

District A

Contact Information:

(970) 623-0336

Mr. Chris Thome

District E

Contact Information:

(801) 828-8597

Mrs. Jnl Linsacum

At Large 1

Contact Information:

(970) 629-1927

Mrs. Cindy Looper

At Large 2

Contact Information:

(970) 629-0464

Our Doors Are Open!

about 1 year ago

We Want to Hear from You!

All of us at Moffat County School District believe that open communication is key to maintaining and improving your student’s education and experiences in our schools. We love to hear from our parents and students when things are going well, but we know that it’s just as important to hear from our families when there is a concern or problem.

We believe that concerns are best handled and resolved as close to their origin as possible. Therefore, the proper channeling of complaints involving instruction, discipline, or learning materials should begin first with a conversation with your student’s teacher, coach or sponsor. If the concern isn’t resolved at this level, then contact your school principal. And, if the issue still hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, contact Superintendent David Ulrich at 826-6261or Any complaint about personnel will always be referred back through proper administrative channels before it is presented to the Board of Education for consideration and action.

When concerns or issues arise that aren’t related directly to classroom instruction, we encourage our public to follow similar channels for problem solving. Start by reviewing the concern at the source. If it is a school operation or procedure problem, a concern with the lunchroom or school bus, talk with your school’s principal. They are your first and best source for information on the situation. If you have a concern related to one of our support departments, feel free to contact the Director of that department directly. Call our District Office at 824-3268 for the names of department directors. 

Thank you for engaging in this problem-solving process in a positive and constructive manner.

Problem Solving at a Glance

For instructional/classroom concerns, visit with school staff in this order:

  1. Teacher/Coach/Sponsor
  2. Principal
  3. Superintendent

For all other concerns, visit with staff in this order:

  1. Department Director
  2. District Administration
  3. Superintendent

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