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Moffat County School District believes that successfully integrating Educational Technology and Information Literacy with the curriculum, will enable students to develop the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in work and life, and will enable the professional community to support and maintain successful 21st Century learning environments.


To prepare students and teachers to be lifelong learners, who are technologically literate with the skills needed to successfully achieve their personal, educational, and workplace goals in the 21st Century.

The Moffat County School District Technology Department provides technology leadership, services and system support for all district schools, departments and facilities. We value the commitment to technology that the community and Board of Education provide. With continued support and collaboration, we are certain that we will continue to provide the most up-to-date technological resources throughout the district. The services we provide are divided into three areas: Educational Services, Application and Data Services, and Support Services.

Educational Services (ES): The Instructional Team, provides leadership, support and training to district employees in integrating 21st century learning skills including information literacy and technology into the standards-based curriculum.

The goal of Instructional Coaching Team (IC) is to provide high quality services that translate into continually improving student learning opportunities and results. Our team has responsibility for providing educational leadership, offering both support and challenge to the educators of Moffat County School District.

Because student learning is at the center of all we do, our efforts necessarily focus on the content, contexts, and processes that will likely provide the best possible learning opportunities. Teachers have always been the key to great learning experiences; it's what happens between the teachers and students that determines whether learning opportunities are engaging, rigorous, relevant, meaningful, and lasting. Thus, the IIC Team provides teachers and principals with a high level of support -- so they can continually teach better and improve students' learning experiences.

The IC Team also helps facilitate the district's teaching and learning process by offering ongoing dialogue with Moffat County educators which challenges our notions about the best ways to teach, assess, and grade students. As educators, we must be committed to making decisions based on research and best practices, regularly reflecting on current practices, making changes when better information becomes available, and continually improving the science and craft of education.

The Moffat County teachers and administrators have responsibility for actively engaging in individual and collaborative work that improves learning opportunities for every student. The IC Team is committed to providing centralized functions which support and enhance student learning. By doing so, we aim to help Moffat County staff members work smarter and more effectively

Application and Data Services (ADS): Configure, develop and maintain all district-wide software applications.

Support Services (SS): Implement, deploy and support all district-wide hardware applications
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