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Board of Education Vacancy

The Board of Education of the Moffat County RE-1 School District is accepting applications from persons interested in serving on the Board of Education from the date of appointment in until the next regular biennial school year election in November 2019.  To be eligible for appointment, each candidate must:

  • be a registered elector of the school district for at least twelve consecutive months prior to the date of appointment
  • be a resident of the director district in which the vacancy exists
  • have never been convicted of a sexual offense against a child.

 Any person who meets the qualifications and who desires to be considered for the appointment is invited to reach out to a Board of Education Member, or contact Sara Memmott at (970)826-6261. 

District 6 Boundaries:

Point Of Beginning (POB) - Thirteenth Street and Colorado Street 

Colorado Street south four blocks to Ninth Street

Ninth Street extending line west to Barclay Street

Barclay Street north one block to Tenth Street

Tenth Street west two blocks to Ranney Street

Ranney Street north extending line to North City Limit

North City Limit to Highway 13

U.S. Highway 13 north to Northern County Line

Northern County line east to Eastern County Line

Eastern County Line south to U.S. Highway 40

U.S. Highway 40 west to Haughey Road, extended (City Limit)

Haughey Road north to Ninth Street

Ninth Street west to Bryan Way

Bryan Way north to Eleventh Street

Eleventh Street west to Kowach

Kowach north to Thirteenth Street

Thirteenth Street west to Colorado Street (POB)

BoE District Map
         (District 6 is outlined in orange)
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