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Frequently Asked Questions

What would the District get out of this Transfer of Ownership?

If the Board votes to transfer ownership to Moffat County, there would be approximately $3.3 million dollars worth of repairs that the District would not need to budget for in future years and would not need to ask the community for. In addition to that, there would be a small operational cost savings. Lastly, Memorial Regional Health has offered to discount Health Services for the District over 3 years, for a total savings of $218,126.91. All of these sources of saved money can be used to do new, different, and better things for the students in Moffat County School District.

Who else expressed interest in the Yampa Building?

Superintendent Ulrich presented to City Council and the County Commissioners in April/May of 2018 to brainstorm possible uses of the building. Moffat County Christian Academy (MCCA) and the North West Colorado Arts Council (NWCAC) also inquired about the building. However, none of the above mentioned organizations submitted formal requests regarding the building. 

Click here to view NWCAC's statement on the matter.

What is the appraised value of the building and property?

A formal appraisal was not completed on the building. Please click here for more information on the process the Board went through regarding an appraisal.

Why wasn't the Yampa Building put on the market?

One of the goals the Board has had since the decision was made to vacate the Yampa Building is to keep the building in the public's hands. If the Board chose to put the building on the market or do a bidding process for the building, the Board would lose the ability to ensure the building stayed in the public. Another reason is because a formal appraisal was not completed for the building.

Please click here for more information on the process the Board went through regarding an appraisal.

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